5 Tips on How to Prevent Heat Damage!

Heat damageWe’ve all heard the horror stories of Naturals wanting to change up their hairstyle temporarily for the straight look, only wash their hair weeks later and their beautiful kinks, coils and curls are no longer in existence. And the worst time for this to happen is during the summer time because Heat Damage means no more wash n go’s! And any experienced Naturalista knows that when you have heat damage, none of your hairstyles seem to work anymore! Sad faces! Whether the heat damage happened at the hands of an unknowing, newly natural or an inexperienced hair stylist, heat damage is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a Natural Hair Woman. Whether you’re doing your hair yourself or going to a stylist, here are some tips you must follow:

1). Do Not use Marcel Irons! Contrary to popular belief, there is no way anyone can control the temperature of the heat with a Marcel Iron that’s being heated up/in a stove. Because you can’t control the temperature of the heat, you run a high risk of breaking down the hairs bonds and burning your hair.

Marcel Irons

2). Only use Ceramic Plated Electric Flat Irons! These type of flat irons have temperature dials that allows you to control the heat. Remember, hair starts burning at 450 degrees! Flat irons that hot or hotter will most definitely scorch your hair into oblivion. So, please make sure that you keep the temperature at 350 degrees or lower.

Flat Irons

3). Always use a heat protectant! A good heat protectant such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hair Growth Serum Blend, will act as barrier between your hair and the flat iron to help prevent any type of heat damage, provided that you’re following rule #2, and keeping the flat irons at 350 degrees or lower.


4). Don’t become addicted to the Heat! It’s easier said than done! Trust Me! I’ve been there! Nonetheless, try and only flat iron your hair once every few months if you feel the need to want to wear it straightened often. Straightening your hair 2-3x per month or even several times a week, will guarantee that your hair will experience heat damage.

Heat damage 2

5). Never use Heat on dirty hair or hair that has product buildup! Give your hair a clean slate please! Wash it to remove all dirt, debris and product buildup, then use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture to your hair to help keep it soft and supple. Flat ironing dirty hair is the equivalent of baking dirt into your hair, which in turns makes that hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Cleansing & ConditioningI hope this helps someone! I wish you all Best Blessings on your Healthy Hair Journey. Stay tuned for our next article that will discuss Creating Hairstyles to Camouflage Heat Damaged Hair! Happy Hair Growing Queens~

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