~4 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing~


4 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing 1

1. Breakage – Moisturizing and sealing your ends
with oil is a very important step in your daily
hair care regimen. When your ends are not
moisturized, they become dry & brittle and end up
breaking off.

2. Split Ends – Lack of moisture and excessive use
of heat and chemicals are the main culprits to
causing split ends. Keeping your hair & ends
moisturized, as well as trimming your ends
regularly will help to prevent split ends.

3. Diet – Whether you believe it or not, but, what
you put into your body has a profound effect on
the health of your hair. Maintaining a healthy
diet and drinking lots of water will keep your
hair healthy and growing.

4. Scalp & Hair Build Up – Your scalp NEEDS to
breathe. Using grease and other heavy products
clogs the pores on your scalp, thus preventing
growth. Cleanse your hair & scalp on a regular
basis and use only natural oils, as well as light
weight products that will penetrate your hairs
strands and your scalp.


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