Flexirod Curls on Tapered Natural Hair

Curls 6

1). Cleanse and Deep Condition with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Sweet Almocado Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Buttery Almond Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

2). Detangle, Moisturize & Seal with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hydrating Daily Leave In Conditioner & Hair Growth Serum Blend.

3). Part wet hair in small sections, saturate with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Curl & Shine Silky Styling Setting Lotion and smooth with our Moisturizing Defining Gel, then roll with flexirods (large rods on the top, small rods on the sides and back).

4). Use the Moisturizing Defining Gel to lay your edges and back down.

5). Sit under a dryer or air dry until hair is completely dry or else you’ll end up with a frizzy mess.

6). Smooth completely dry curls with our Hair Growth Serum Blend for Shine and to prevent frizzy hair.

7). Gently separate each curl 3-4 times. Use a pick to lift at the roots to hide any parts and add volume.

8). Wear a satin bonnet at night to protect curls.


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