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Top 4 Benefits of Aloe Vera & Coconut Milk for Your Skin

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What’s beautiful hair without beautiful skin? People are always complimenting me on my skin and ask what is it that use to keep it so beautiful. The answer is a lot simpler that what most would think. I use Fresh Aloe Vera and Organic Coconut Milk. Why these two combinations? Trust me, after you find out why, you’ll be using this concoction as well. Here are the benefits:

Benefits of Aloe Vera for your skin:

  • Is a great natural moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.
  • Reduces signs of aging due to loads of Antioxidants, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C & E.
  • Improves the firmness, elasticity & complexion of your skin giving it a healthy glow.
  • Prevents under eye dark circles due to the rich source of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Benefits of Coconut Milk for your skin:

  • Slows the aging process due to being rich in Vitamin C which maintains the elasticity of your skin.
  • Contains a high content of Fatty Acids that makes it an excellent natural moisturizer.
  • Moisturizes & Hydrates your skin without clogging your pores.
  • Rich in Vitamins & Minerals to keep your skin soft & supple, while giving you a healthy radiant complexion.

There are so many other benefits of using these two natural ingredients that’s it too many to list. But, I just wanted to give you a general idea of why they would be beneficial for you and your skin. So, not only are these two natural ingredients very good for soft, shiny, healthy growing hair, they’re also great for your skincare as well. .

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How Do I Use These:

I blend a Fresh Whole Aloe Vera Leaf with Organic Coconut Milk in my blender. I put some in a small Tupperware container and freeze the rest. I keep the Tupperware container in the back of the refrigerator to keep it very cold & fresh. Remember, these are all natural ingredients without preservatives and will last maybe a week or two. I use a cotton round to apply this concoction every morning and evening as a Natural Moisturizer after cleansing My face. My skin has never been so happy. I hope this helps and that your skin will enjoy these natural wonders as much as mine~ 😉

Enjoy your weekend,

Latrisa Giles

Aloe Vera

10 Best Oils for Natural Hair


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Do you love your Natural Hair, but hate when it looks dried out? Well there’s a solution, Oils for Natural Hair; a true necessity for a Healthy Hair Lifestyle. You might find yourself familiar with some and surprised by others, but overall you’ll be well informed of the effects and efficiency resulting in the use of these Oils.  Although there is wide range of these Natural Hair enhancers, after some research, we were able to find the 10 best Oils that will surely make your Hair Growing Happier. Nearly all the Oils listed are used in Nappturalistic Beauty’s Products:

1). Olive Oil – Enriched with high levels of Vitamin E, this well-known oil is essential to hair growth. Along with Vitamin E, Olive Oil also contains anti-inflammatory components which promotes scalp health and prevents dandruff.

2). Coconut Oil – This tropical extraction doesn’t only promotes hair growth but has the capability of remedying damaged hair. Coconut Oil nurtures your hair and preserves the proteins that are in it. As a key ingredient to softening detangling, Coconut Oil is also the most recommended for hot oil treatments.

3). Almond Oil – It may be popular in aromatherapy, but Almond Oil is rich in important nutrients that are very beneficial to hair. You can use this oil for massaging the scalp and it’ll increase blood circulation resulting in smoother hair cuticles.

4). Castor Oil – Regarded as a valuable oil due to its countless uses, Castor Oil is extremely effective in maintaining beautiful and healthy hair. From treating hair loss and reviving thinning hair, this oil has a reputation of healing hair to a healthier state.It’s also used as a conditioning treatment to help reduce split ends.

5). Grape Seed Oil – Allow your hair to age like wine and get better with time, Grape Seed Oil can make that happen. Grape Seed Oil contains the antioxidant, procyanidolic oligomer; a growth enhancer and damage controller. This oil supplies the hair with more moisture and less brittleness.

6). Rosemary Oil – This herbal essential stimulates and fortifies your Natural Hair all the while infusing it with key nutrients. Rosemary Oil enhances circulation to the scalp and eliminates any bacteria that could clog hair follicles. It’s also the most effective natural solution for reducing hair loss.

7). Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil – This exotic oil contains vital fatty acids, a bundle of vitamins and natural antioxidants. The Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil improves frizzy hair by smoothing and coating the hair shaft. Leaves your hair revitalized and well nourished.

8). Lavender Oil – A damaged scalp is no match for Lavender Oil. Not only does it treat an itchy and dry scalp but Lavender Oil also fights off lice, lice eggs and nits.

9). Peppermint Oil – Making your hair soft and shiny, Peppermint Oil has the ability to open the pores in the scalp and catalyze hair growth. Peppermint Oil is a light-oil so it doesn’t weigh down the hair and it’s also an astringent which normalizes your scalp’s oil production.

10). Avocado Oil – Filled with vitamins, Avocado Oil has a number of nutrients that can benefit the growth and the health of all types of hair. Because of its rich source of Lecithin, the oil is able to soak into the scalp with ease. Avocado Oil promotes healthy cell growth and full hair nourishment.


Top 10 Ingredients to Stimulate Hair Growth

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1. Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil is an ayurveda oil that has been used since ancient times to boost hair growth and is one of the best natural remedies for slow hair growth.  It is know to strengthen the hair by replenishing the hair roots, inhibit and reduce the formation of split ends and prevents the occurrence of dandruff by reducing scalp itchiness.

2. Amla Oil

Aka, the Indian Gooseberry is one of the world’s oldest natural hair conditioners. It’s a commonly used therapeutic Ayurvedic oil that strengthens hair at the root, stimulates hair growth, prevents balding and restores dark pigmentation to gray hair. Amla oil is also very useful in relieving stress, improving memory, preventing wrinkles and encouraging sound sleep~

 3. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is an amazing natural hair conditioner that has excellent moisturizing properties to deeply moisturize the hair strands. The enzymes found in Aloe Vera act as hair growth stimulators thus promoting hair growth. Aloe Vera helps heal any damage of the scalp, balances the pH level, cleanses pores, prevents excessive hair loss, relieves itchy scalp and renews the cycle within the follicles. 

 4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth in clinical trials where 70 % of people who massaged it into their scalps 3 times a week had a significant increase in hair regrowth where the control group in the same test using almond oil had no increase~

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Regular use of Rosemary Oil helps in stimulating hair follicles, as a result of which, hair grows longer and stronger. It is also believed that Rosemary Oil slows down premature hair loss and graying of hair.

6. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a natural moisturizer that contains proteins which strengthen hair and helps minimize breakage. It also has properties that protect the hair and scalp from UV rays. Coconut milk slows the growth of gray hair, promotes hair growth, nourishes the hair and gives your hair shine and softness.

 7. Bhringaraj Oil

Better known as the King of Hair, Bhringaraj is an ayurvedic hair oil that is beneficial in promoting thick hair growth, darkening of the hair, preventing hair loss and treating dandruff & dryness of scalp. It is recommended for persons suffering from premature graying, premature hair fall and balding. It also is said to relieve the mind from stress and facilitate better sleep~

 8. Avocado Oil

Avocado is a natural moisturizer that prevents hair from drying out, keeping it soft & shiny. It’s also great for dry & damaged hair. Avocado strengthens hair preventing hair loss, stimulates hair growth, hydrates your scalp and reduces dandruff.


Spirulina is an all natural Super Food that is very rich in Protein, antioxidants and other vitamins that are effective in speeding up hair growth. Spirulina is being widely used for promoting Hair Growth and to combat hair problems like thinning hair and baldness. Spirulina contains amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and beta-carotene, all of which are great for hair.

10. Castor Oil

From years past, Castor Oil gained a bad rep because it was known as the nasty, stinky smelly stuff our grandmothers forced on us, lol. But, give Castor Oil a chance and it can do wonders for your hair. Castor Oil is known for thickening hair that is starting to thin out, increases hair growth, makes the hair fuller & shinier, prevents dry scalp and reduces & prevents hair damage~

Because of these Great Benefits, Nappturalistic Beauty uses all of these Natural Oils & Ingredients in Our Daily Styling Products~

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Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Tips 1Using Extreme Heat to Straighten Your Hair! Whether it be Flat Irons, a Hot Comb or Blow Dryer, using extreme heat can be permanently damaging to your hair whether it’s Natural or Relaxed. Healthy hair starts burning at around 450°. Make sure you’re using ceramic plated flat irons (for even heat distribution) where you can control the heat temps. Stay away from hot combs/marcel irons as you cannot control the heat temps. In addition, make sure you’re using a Heat Protectant such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hair Growth Serum Blend, to help prevent any heat damage to your delicate tresses.

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  1. Not Trimming Your Hair on a Regular Basis! Just because your hair is natural doesn’t exempt you from getting your ends trimmed regularly. Keeping your ends trimmed regularly helps to prevent split ends. If you don’t trim regularly, those split ends will travel up the shaft of your hair strand, resulting in a head full of damaged hair. You will end up having to cut more of your hair off than with just the initial trim. Don’t wait until you have a head full of damaged hair to try and correct the problem. Trim regularly.


  1. Not Moisturizing & Sealing Regularly! Due to the curly, kinky, coily nature of our Natural Hair, it tends to be drier than other textures. Dry hair can easily become brittle hair that starts breaking off just as fast as it grows. It’s a good practice to Moisturize with a water based moisturizer such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Moisturizing Hair Milk, & Seal with our Hair Growth Serum Blend, at least a minimum of 3x per week to keep your delicate tresses hydrated and moisturized. The ends of your hair are the oldest, so for the best length retention rate, make sure you focus the M&S on your ends as well.

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  1. Wearing Protective Styles 24/7/365! While wearing protective styles are good for length retention and prevention of over manipulation of your hair which may cause damage, doing too much of it can be bad for your hair. It’s okay to wear weaves, wigs, twists and braids, but you need to let your hair and scalp breathe. Hiding/Suffocating your hair and scalp can slow your hair growth and potentially stop it. Think of it like this: If you put a flower in a jar, cover it and come back a couple days later, that flower will be dead right? Well you’re doing the same thing to your hair by consistently hiding it. Stop it!

  1. Being Impatient with the Detangling Process! Yes, we all know that detangling natural hair can be a chore. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. But you MUST be patient or else you’ll end up causing unnecessary breakage and damage to your tresses. After shampooing your hair, saturate your hair with a conditioner with lots of slip such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Buttery Almond Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Then start detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends, slowing working your way to your roots. Check out this video that shows you how to easily detangle your hair in minutes:



~Tips To Achieve That Perfect Braid Out~


Click Here to Watch Video:

A Braidout is the perfect Heat Free Style for Naturals and those that are Transitioning from Relaxer to Natural. Braidouts are great for Stretching your Hair (elongating to prevent shrinkage) and giving your hair nice Beautiful, Bouncy Waves.

Here are a Few Tips to Help You Achieve the Best Braidout:

1). Start with Clean, Freshly Washed and Conditioned Hair. Dirty hair will make your hair look dull and will lack shine.

2). Use a leave in such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hydrating Daily Leave In Conditioner on damp (not soaking wet) hair to give your hair moisture and prepare your hair for styling. Follow up with an oil such as our Hair Growth Serum Blend to seal moisture in. Now, you’ve just Moisturized and Sealed your Hair.

3). Part your hair in sections, making sure to part it in the direction you want your hair style to fall (very important). For example, I parted a section for my bangs, then put my hair in four sections (2 on top and 2 on the bottom).

4). Use a water based styling butter such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Whipped Moisturizng Hair Butter on each section of hair. Use a wide tooth comb to comb thru each section before braiding.

5). For more wavy definition, use smaller braids. To get fluffy waves, use larger braids. I put 8 braids in each separate section of my hair.

6). Allow hair to completely dry (either air dry or under a hooded dryer). Use an oil such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hair Growth Serum Blend on your braids before gently taking the braids down to prevent frizz and add shine. Carefully separate each braid to your desired fullness. If there are any parts, use a pick to gently lift at your roots.

7). VERY IMPORTANT: Allow your hair to dry completely before taking your braids down. If you hair isn’t completely dry, the end result will be frizzy, undefined hair.

8). At night, add a bit of Nappturalistic Beauty’s Moisturizing Hair Milk and then smooth on our Hair Growth Serum Blend to seal in that moisture.

9). Twist your hair into large chunky twists before putting on your satin cap.

And here you have it!!! Follow these simple steps and you’ll achieve and experience the Perfect Braidout EVERYTIME!!

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