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5 Tips on How to Prevent Heat Damage!

Heat damageWe’ve all heard the horror stories of Naturals wanting to change up their hairstyle temporarily for the straight look, only wash their hair weeks later and their beautiful kinks, coils and curls are no longer in existence. And the worst time for this to happen is during the summer time because Heat Damage means no more wash n go’s! And any experienced Naturalista knows that when you have heat damage, none of your hairstyles seem to work anymore! Sad faces! Whether the heat damage happened at the hands of an unknowing, newly natural or an inexperienced hair stylist, heat damage is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a Natural Hair Woman. Whether you’re doing your hair yourself or going to a stylist, here are some tips you must follow:

1). Do Not use Marcel Irons! Contrary to popular belief, there is no way anyone can control the temperature of the heat with a Marcel Iron that’s being heated up/in a stove. Because you can’t control the temperature of the heat, you run a high risk of breaking down the hairs bonds and burning your hair.

Marcel Irons

2). Only use Ceramic Plated Electric Flat Irons! These type of flat irons have temperature dials that allows you to control the heat. Remember, hair starts burning at 450 degrees! Flat irons that hot or hotter will most definitely scorch your hair into oblivion. So, please make sure that you keep the temperature at 350 degrees or lower.

Flat Irons

3). Always use a heat protectant! A good heat protectant such as Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hair Growth Serum Blend, will act as barrier between your hair and the flat iron to help prevent any type of heat damage, provided that you’re following rule #2, and keeping the flat irons at 350 degrees or lower.


4). Don’t become addicted to the Heat! It’s easier said than done! Trust Me! I’ve been there! Nonetheless, try and only flat iron your hair once every few months if you feel the need to want to wear it straightened often. Straightening your hair 2-3x per month or even several times a week, will guarantee that your hair will experience heat damage.

Heat damage 2

5). Never use Heat on dirty hair or hair that has product buildup! Give your hair a clean slate please! Wash it to remove all dirt, debris and product buildup, then use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture to your hair to help keep it soft and supple. Flat ironing dirty hair is the equivalent of baking dirt into your hair, which in turns makes that hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Cleansing & ConditioningI hope this helps someone! I wish you all Best Blessings on your Healthy Hair Journey. Stay tuned for our next article that will discuss Creating Hairstyles to Camouflage Heat Damaged Hair! Happy Hair Growing Queens~

 Kiss Brittle Hair Goodbye
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~4 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing~


4 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing 1

1. Breakage – Moisturizing and sealing your ends
with oil is a very important step in your daily
hair care regimen. When your ends are not
moisturized, they become dry & brittle and end up
breaking off.

2. Split Ends – Lack of moisture and excessive use
of heat and chemicals are the main culprits to
causing split ends. Keeping your hair & ends
moisturized, as well as trimming your ends
regularly will help to prevent split ends.

3. Diet – Whether you believe it or not, but, what
you put into your body has a profound effect on
the health of your hair. Maintaining a healthy
diet and drinking lots of water will keep your
hair healthy and growing.

4. Scalp & Hair Build Up – Your scalp NEEDS to
breathe. Using grease and other heavy products
clogs the pores on your scalp, thus preventing
growth. Cleanse your hair & scalp on a regular
basis and use only natural oils, as well as light
weight products that will penetrate your hairs
strands and your scalp.


Kiss Brittle Hair Goodbye

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Wash Yo Funky Weave!!!!

WashYo FunkyWeave!!!

Yes!! I said it! Wash Yo Funky Weave! Now, I know this may come as a shock to some, but to some it may not, but it had to be said! No disrespect to those that don’t know any better, but those of you that do, “Shame On You”!!! Just because you have weave in your hair does not mean that you can just leave your hair alone and not do anything to it! That’s the biggest misconception ever and unfortunately, there are many who are major abusers of this!

Why is this even a topic for discussion? Well, a couple weeks ago, I was at a networking event and as usual, I greeted one of My colleagues with a hug. For that split second of hugging her, I smelled something awful and that something awful was her weave and she had LOTS of it! Her hair smelled so bad, that I was too embarrassed to even tell her about it. Yes, I know that was wrong of Me, but I just couldn’t bring Myself to say anything to her.

Now, don’t get Me wrong, I’m not bashing anybody or trying to make anybody else look bad. You see, I was once an unknowing offender of Funky Weave Myself, lol! I didn’t start wearing weave until I was 25 years old and I instantly became addicted and it took all My hair out. That’s a whole nother story. I’ll write a blog post about that at a later date, lol! Nonetheless, I was wearing micro braids for the very first time and they were cute & sexy. All I cared about was being cute & sexy! I knew NOTHING about having to care for My weave! One night while laying in the bed snuggled up with My boyfriend, he said, “Baby, I’m not trying to be mean, but your hair stinks!” I jumped up in shock and embarrassment and asked him how long had My hair been smelling that way. He responded, “It’s been stinking for quite awhile! I just can’t take it anymore!” Needless to say, I was horrified! Here I am, walking around thinking I’m the hottest thang smoking and My weave stank! WTH!

So, I instantly started researching how to properly take care of micro braids and weave. Unfortunately, back then (15 years ago), there wasn’t much education on the internet and blogs about how to properly care for your hair or weave. So, I had to piece things together and use common sense while figuring out how to keep My braids & My hair underneath healthy and smelling good. Although it took some time, I had to bribe and convince My hair stylist at the time, Anthony,  to wash and condition My braids. He was initially against it, because he only specialized in Healthy Hair Care and refused to have anything to do with any kind of weave, including braids. So, this process was just as new to him as it was to Me. Nonetheless, once I walked him through the steps and explained that caring for weave and braids is very similar to caring for a person’s regular hair, he totally understood and quickly got the hang of it.

So, like clockwork, every two weeks, whenever I had braids or sew-in weave extensions, I was either at the beauty shop or at home, making sure My weave got washed and deep conditioned. The most important step was making sure to sit under the dryer for at least an hour to make sure My hair underneath the extensions were dry. All too often, some people will either air dry their hair or just surface dry their hair, not realizing their hair underneath is still wet. If you don’t properly dry your hair underneath, mold and bacteria can start breeding in your hair and scalp, causing infections, damage and breakage to your hair.

Another important step to healthy hair care while wearing weaves and braids is to keep your hair underneath moisturized. So, before each installation, I would cleanse, do a hot oil treatment, deep condition and moisturize and seal My hair with a thick butter such as the Whipped Moisturizing Hair Butter. This helps to ensure that My natural hair is clean and properly moisturized before any weave installation. And while I have the extensions in My hair, I would oil My scalp with the Hair Growth Serum Blend to prevent having a dry, itchy, flaky scalp and to also reduce the chances of getting dandruff, while promoting growth at the same time. I would also use the Super Hair Growth Spritzer, which is a water based moisturizer on My braids to keep my hair moisturized, followed by the Hair Growth Serum Blend to seal that moisture in. So, whenever I took My braids or weave down, My hair would be thick, with lots of new growth, well moisturized and I would have very little shedding. It may sound like a lot, but these steps are very important to making sure that your hair doesn’t become dry, brittle and damaged while in the protective style.

So, the moral of this story is, just because you have weave in your hair

doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain it!

Wash Yo Weave before it gets Funky!!


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Top 5 Herbs to Drink for Hair Growth

Drink Your Way to Long, Healthy Hair

Since I’ve been on this health kick the last few
years, it’s always been My motto, “Healthy Hair
Growth Starts from the Inside Out”. There are a
gazillion articles on DIY (Do-ItYourself) recipes
on how to use natural oils and herbs to make
concoctions to put on our hair. Well, if those
natural herbs work externally, why wouldn’t they
work interally??? That was My ahh-ha moment!
After further research this blend of herbs has the
Best Healthy Hair Growth Benefits that works by
stimulating blood flow to the scalp, while
strengthening hair follicles! Drink & Cleanse your
body at the same time~

Hair Growth Tea Recipe:

Tea - Green TeaGreen Tea is packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin C,
and Vitamin E which benefits the hair and scalp,
helping to prevent hair loss, restores dry hair
and guards against UV radiation.



Fenugreek Seed contains nicotinic acid and
proteins which are a great source for hair growth.
It’s loaded with large amounts of lecithin which
hydrates the hair and produces healthy, strong
hair. It also helps to reduce dryness of the scalp
and hair, natural solution to dandruff, nourishes
the hair roots, and preventing hair loss.


Tea - Fennel

Fennel Seed strengthens the hair follicles and are
rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and
b-vitamins which protect hair cells from free
radicals and scalp irritants. They are also rich
in antioxidants including quercetin and
kaemptoral, and Essential Oil Compounds,
chavicol, limonene and anethole which are all
vital for long, luxurious healthy hair.


Tea - RosemaryRosemary is a great smelling herb that treats
dandruff with its anti-viral, anti-fungal and
anti-bacterial properties. Known to increase
circulation in the body and increased circulatory
effects to the scalp, rosemary helps your hair
grow healthier and faster.


Tea - SageSage is also very effective with encouraging new
hair growth because it improves circulation to the
scalp, providing the necessary nutrients for the
hair follicles. It also contains beta-sitosterol
which is a 5-alpha reductase compound that has
been effective in treating male pattern baldness.


I have a coffee maker, but I don’t drink coffee,
so I use it to make tea! 😉 In the coffee filter,
I add a tablespoon or two of each of the above
mentioned loose leaf herbs to make my tea. You can
also use a stainless steel tea infuser or purchase
disposable tea bags from your local grocer. I
drink this Herbal Tea mixture at least 4-5 times a
day, in a 16oz mug, sweetened with Honey, as part
of My daily Health & Hair Care Regimen which also
includes taking the NB Super Hair Growth
Supplements daily, along with scalp massages with
the NB Hair Growth Serum Blend. I have noticed a
significant increase in My hair growth. Drinking
this tea daily also helps Me to track and keep up
with My daily water intake~

Drink Your Way to the Thick Hair of Your Dreams!

IMPORTANT! While the use of herbs to treat common
issues has long historical roots, it is best to
discuss herbal therapies with your doctor or other
qualified health care professional before you
start a herbal regimen.

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Flexirod Curls on Tapered Natural Hair

Curls 6

1). Cleanse and Deep Condition with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Sweet Almocado Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Buttery Almond Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

2). Detangle, Moisturize & Seal with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Hydrating Daily Leave In Conditioner & Hair Growth Serum Blend.

3). Part wet hair in small sections, saturate with Nappturalistic Beauty’s Curl & Shine Silky Styling Setting Lotion and smooth with our Moisturizing Defining Gel, then roll with flexirods (large rods on the top, small rods on the sides and back).

4). Use the Moisturizing Defining Gel to lay your edges and back down.

5). Sit under a dryer or air dry until hair is completely dry or else you’ll end up with a frizzy mess.

6). Smooth completely dry curls with our Hair Growth Serum Blend for Shine and to prevent frizzy hair.

7). Gently separate each curl 3-4 times. Use a pick to lift at the roots to hide any parts and add volume.

8). Wear a satin bonnet at night to protect curls.


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